Membership Payment Information – 2019/20

Following a successful pilot in 2018/19, we will continue to collect membership dues by Direct Debit.  To set this up, each member needs to complete an online Direct Debit Mandate – this asks for your bank details, and gives us authorisation to collect your membership fees in line with the agreed payment schedule.  All direct debits from last year have been cancelled, so even if your bank details have not changed, please complete the form again.

We will automatically take payments listed below, and at the end of the 2019/20 we will cancel the direct debit on your behalf.

The committee have reviewed the membership amount for this year, and have decided to maintain this at the current level of £12 per month, though this is subject to review at the end of December – we may need to increase this to £12.50 during 2020 dependent on levels on donation received at our two concerts in October and December.  The payments that may be affected are marked with a * symbol below, though we hope to maintain these at £12, and will update members in advance of any change.

2 September 2019 – £12 (or as soon as form is completed, if deadline missed)
1 October 2019 – £12
1 November 2019 – £12
2 December 2019 – £12
3 January 2020 – £12*
3 February 2020 – £12*
2 March 2020 – £12*
1 April 2020 – £12*
1 May 2020 – £12*

Click here to complete an online Direct Debit Mandate

You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

We do not want to exclude anybody from Flutes Unlimited on financial grounds.  If you expect to have difficulty in paying your membership fees, please contact our committee to discuss options.

For all queries relating to payment of membership dues, please contact the group Treasurer –